Designing A Memorable Logo – From A Branding Perspective

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After receiving the creative brief, the various specifications outlined must be applied within the designs created by the logo designer. A number of ideas are then created in response to the brief, in which the logo specialist will hope to discover the winning logo and the one that outshines the rest. This article will outline how […]

A Few Warnings On PC Repair – Try Not To Make Things Worse!


As an alternative to the most capable and professional computer repair San Francisco has to offer, many users will try to save a buck or two be having a go themselves. Of course, this kind of money-saving gumption is always admirable in these time of necessary frugality, but the problem lies in the fact a […]

Navigate The PC Universe By Following This Guidance!

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Locating a desktop computer isn’t always simple, particularly when you’ve got specialized needs. It’s a big purchase that justifies a considerate number of concern to make certain you bring home the best computer for you home or business needs. Remember these hints while shopping for a brand new desktop computer to make sure the finest […]

5 Ways Press Release Influence Social Media Strategy

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If your social media strategy does not include the use of press releases you probably need to sit down re-evaluate and re-think the strategy. Most brands tend to overlook the press release in spite of the great internet marketing power it commands. Most social media strategies fail to hit the target because all they attempt […]

Five Things You Cannot Do On Your Facebook Timeline Cover


When you set to work trying to get the most out of your Facebook timeline cover, it is just as important to know what you can’t do as it is to know what you can do. The last thing that you want is Facebook taking action against your business timeline because you didn’t follow the […]