SEO Keywords – The Focal Point of Internet Marketing

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When people surf the Internet, random words related to a topic are typed in and the first few web pages that show up are clicked on. This does not mean that just using these popular words is sufficient to market your link. Most retail sites adopt the same policy, but it’s only a few companies that adopt skilfully chosen key terms that are able to capture a wider, more apt market. Well-planned and strategically placed keywords are the secret to successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The better the choice of SEO keywords, the better will be the website ranking. A higher ranking ensures you higher visibility on a search engine and can get more clicks.

There are plenty of ways of finding great SEO keywords that can help improve traffic to your website. The terms that are most suited to your website can be obtained by a closer inspection of your current web pages. So, when your website is directly searched, a list of unique keywords that have been used will become available to you. These customised popular words, or SEO keywords, will give you a clue on how best to modify the content of your page to exploit the search engine and win site-specific customers.

By evaluating your site-specific search criteria against the common search words used on the Internet, you will be able to make an educated guess on words that would work for you. Many times, people use words from a related website to search for more websites along the same lines. Analysing such data will come handy in increasing the list of possible keywords. Even though there is a distinct possibility that with numerous searches every day, analysing the trends might not be practical and you will still be able to get your own webpage centric word count. When you promote your company on the web, it is these words that will fetch higher conversion rates.

Some simple steps to effective keyword building are:

  1. Usage of semantic phrases and SEO keywords is the first step. Many SEO consultants or analytical platforms will be able to supply you with the top long tail arrangement of words that are appropriate for your website. You may or may not have used these words in your webpage. Alter the content on your webpage to fit in these words and link all these words within the main passage. The word density should be around 2 to 7 % of the total word count on the page. This will significantly increase the hits on your page. A typical example would be: when people type in ‘dance classes’, a list of dance classes and dance forms from arbitrary corners of the world would show up. Then, surfers would try to narrow their search by adding an area or a city such as ‘Dance Classes in 34th street, Manhattan.’ These finely tuned long-tailed words make the search more focussed and you should utilise these long words for your website.
  2. Use various analytical tools available in the market to understand how people process and perceive information related to websites. Use of such choice terms will increase user traffic to your website. Such words are also great value for money when adopting paid search campaigns.
  3. Develop an SEO mindset; it means you are constantly revising the list of keywords and creating subpages or links to your website with fresh keywords. It would be time-saving to implement an automated keyword list generation tool. This tool produces a lengthy list of user-generated words based on customer search activity. Product landing pages are also created automatically, which would otherwise be tedious to create.
  4. Place the keyword on the top of the page rather than the bottom, preferably in the headings and subheadings. It is also advisable to place the keywords in the URLs created. However, strike a good balance between the URL and the main content to get more hits.

A whole bunch of options and tools are available to target the right set of audience. Even with millions of combinations of keywords that are frequently used in search engines, it is estimated that 40 % of search terms are idiosyncratic and reflect the eclectic tastes of individual browsers. So, all that is required is tapping into this source to popularise your website and get connected to new clientele. SEO keywords are tactics that have been used for some time now; however, some extra time and effort could produce dramatic positive results over the long run.