SEO Outsourcing 101

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Sometimes it becomes a necessity to outsource SEO due to the fact that the major search engines are constantly changing the way they rank websites. As a business owner, you probably don’t have the time to keep up with all of these changes. It takes extensive testing on multiple websites using numerous techniques to keep up. This has to be done every time the search engines change algorithms – which is done about once a month.

SEO agencies make it their practice to keep track of these changes. What makes outsourcing better than hiring a team to work within your company? SEO agencies have multiple customers from a wide variety of different genres. As a result, they can see changes on a large scale. This allows them to test variables that would be impossible for an in-house team.

Choosing the Best SEO Specialist for your Business

Your business is important so you definitely don’t want to choose the wrong agency. This can result in losing your position in rankings or worse, your site gets sandbagged. The good news is that you don’t have to be an SEO specialist in order to hire one. You just have to use common sense as your number one resource.
Use Your Common Sense

The bottom line is that if an agency is planning to use practices that don’t seem natural, then they are likely using Black Hat techniques. This is true of any tactic that doesn’t naturally build your rankings from real time visitors. If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

Understanding How Links Affect your Rankings

There are five distinct ways that links can directly affect your search engine rankings.

  • Concentration: Linking to only one page with the same keywords doesn’t appear to search engines as having occurred naturally.
  • Volume: If a website all of a sudden gets thousands of backlinks, it might trigger a red flag in the eyes of search engines.
  • Velocity: To suddenly stop getting links after a long period of successful link building can result in a red flag. Consistency is everything.
  • Diversity: Only receiving links from a single SEO technique will look suspicious to search engines. Search engines are looking for websites that get links from multiple venues.
  • Authority: Links that come from higher PR sites (see below) have much more value than ones from low PR sites.

What are PR Sites?

PR stands for Page Rank and is a score that Google assigns to specific websites. The range starts at PR0 and goes all the way up to PR9. So a single link from a PR9 website will have a greater impact than hundreds of links from a PR0.

A Safe Way to Use High Risk Tactics

We all know that high risk tactics can lead to high rewards. Managing risks is an important part of SEO.

The key is to always minimize your risk wherever possible. This is determined by what and how you do things. Here are some ways to lower your risk factor:

  • Diversify link building.
  • Build links over a long period of time and not all at once.
  • Make sure to get links from high PR sites.

The less patience you express to your SEO expert, the more aggressive their approach will be. Any results that you can physically notice within a single month of starting your campaign are always the result of high risk SEO tactics. On average, it takes up to three months to be able to notice results. That’s assuming that your chosen keywords are low competition.

Now that you understand that, remember what we said earlier? High risk equals high rewards. Here’s a way to safely approach high risk tactics. First of all, never risk your main website. Instead, create a second website and use it as a funnel traffic to your main. You are then free to use high risk tactics on that site because you have nothing to lose. This is also a great tactic to use in SEO outsourcing because you can test out different agencies using your secondary website.

The Hostage Game

Backlinks are never permanent. For example, one of your articles has a chance of just being deleted. Websites can just disappear for any number of reasons.

Some backlinks are being rented. What does that mean for you?

In ideal circumstances, you will post an article or blog entry and it will remain on the site at no cost. However, if you want this same article to be on a high PR site, sometimes it can cost you each month. When the site stops receiving that money, the link goes poof and your rankings suffer!

The point is that some SEO agencies use renting to hook in companies. Make sure you know beforehand if they are renting backlinks. If they won’t tell you, simply don’t use them. Don’t automatically dismiss them if they are using this tactic though as there are advantages. You simply need to plan ahead and know that if you ever decide to change agencies, your rankings will be affected.

Measure your Success

Keeping track of your ranking is essential for so many reasons that it’s impossible to name them all in a single article. For SEO outsourcing, the most notable advantage is that it allows you to keep track of an agency’s results.

One strategy is that when starting with a new SEO agency, let them work only on your secondary website for a month or so. Another is to hire them for just a single technique in the beginning. Either method will be low risk for you and will reveal their services. When you see results, then you can use that provider for more.

SEO is such a crucial element of web marketing that it’s important to get it right. Failure in just this one area can have devastating consequences on your business. Try SEO specialist lists like Marketing Outfield. These lists provide multiple providers and more importantly, real time customer ratings. This lowers your risk even further.