Are Your SEO Techniques Working for You?

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Like most other Internet technologies, search engine optimisation has undergone major changes over the years, especially during the last couple of years, courtesy of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Methods and techniques that were once most preferred have been put on the back burner, and the ones that were often overlooked in the past have taken precedence now.

The objective of any SEO technique is to make your website search engine-friendly so that it shows up higher in the page rankings or in the first few pages of search engine results. With SEO techniques constantly changing and evolving, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that those that you apply to your website are latest and up-to-date. The techniques that worked earlier may just be doing nothing for your website anymore, making it essential for you to reassess them.

Building links is important for any website and one must ensure that they come from relevant and quality websites only. Google and other search engines have become more sensitive to the content quality of these links to and from your website. Linking to relevant ones also helps featuring your website in particular related subject areas. You can also consider exchanging links through blogging and other social networking websites. Among all factors that decide the page ranking of a website, building quality links is the most crucial one. A good strategy to build quality links is through writing good content and submitting them to various article directories. You need to mention keywords and your website URL in these articles as well. Your ranking on search engine improves as you submit more articles that are relevant to your website.

Earlier, text links that contained keywords were the norm. There were keyword phrases in which links were embedded and used in articles. However, as SEO techniques are evolving, this method is also undergoing a change. Search engines, especially Google, is no more attracted to links that are merely keywords optimised. What it is looking for is natural anchor text and not one filled with keywords. Therefore, your content should not comprise of keywords alone. Other things that you must include are:

  • URLs
  • Your company name
  • Phrases such as Learn more, click here etc.

Quality content is the king. Earlier, content did not really matter much. It was just about playing with various keywords and placing them on the website. However, now Google and other search engines take into account the quality of the content on your website, while determining the rank of your website. With these engines becoming more sophisticated, they are able to segregate quality content that offers some value to the readers. As user awareness is increasing, content that is relevant and well-written definitely accounts for better page ranking. The quality of information and content that is displayed on your website can, therefore, either make or mar its popularity on search engine rankings.

Apart from having quality content, it is extremely important to ensure that the content, along with other information on your website, reflects current trends and scenarios. Outdated and old content is an absolute ‘no.’ Relevant and unique content that is regularly updated not only helps in better search engine ranking but also helps retain existing users and readers.

After you have applied and implemented all the latest SEO techniques and methods in your website, ensure that your website is updated and maintained regularly. There are several tools available that can be used to alert various search engines when changes are made to your website. Tracking the trend of your website visitors through various analysing tools can help you assess if your SEO techniques are working for your website or not.

Moreover, using various social media websites and feeder tools, such as RSS feeds, to advertise your website is also helpful. Providing a proper channel through which readers and viewers can contact you is important as well. All these latest SEO techniques can help your website fare better in search engine rankings.