What To Look For In An SEO Agency

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The nature of search engine optimization is constantly changing, thanks to the efforts of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Because these search engines change their algorithms constantly, what worked yesterday may not work today. Perhaps one of the only ways to see what SEO method works best is to test the different techniques on different websites.

Each time that search engines alter their algorithms, they present significant hurdles that search engine optimization professionals need to overcome. That’s why it’s important to keep close tabs on the ranking impact that SEO has on several different websites. This will give you a better idea of what techniques are working, what techniques need to be changed and when new techniques need to be employed.

Because of the changes in search engine algorithms, many businesses find it advantageous to opt for SEO outsourcing. The reason for this is that outsourced search engine optimization businesses are dedicated to finding new and effective SEO techniques. They are constantly testing their methods to see what SEO methods work the best. These dedicated search engine optimization companies have a great advantage over a business doing their own SEO campaigns.

How to Pick the Right SEO Service

Regardless of the size of your business, the use of an SEO service is vital. Without SEO, you could risk your website dropping in the search results, or worse, becoming de-indexed. Before you begin to worry, you need to understand that you don’t have to be an SEO guru to find the right SEO provider.

Use a Little Common Sense

Certain SEO services like to employ risky tactics. While these tactics can provide significant improvements in search engine rankings, you’ll need to know what sort of practices might actually harm your websites. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for.

Link Concentration: Identical keywords or links that go to only one webpage may not appear to be natural and organic to search engines

Link Volume: This practice will show a significant increase in links per day, sometimes up to 1000. This could potentially raise red flags from search engine providers.

Link Velocity: This is where your website will receive up to 100 links per day and the secession of 30 days; the links then drop-off to zero per day. This can also raise suspicions with search engines.

Link Diversity: This happens when links are provided by one method such as articles or blog comments. This lack of diversity can come to the attention of the search engine.

Link Authority: Search engines apply a page rank to each website. These ranks go from a designation of PR N/A through PR9. If all your links come from lower-ranked web pages, you’re going to find that your search engine optimization efforts will be less effective than if you have a good mix of lower-ranked pages and higher-ranked pages as well.

Acceptable Risks

The bottom line in SEO is that the more risk you take the better your results are going to be. This can prove to be tricky as it’s difficult to stay out of trouble with the search engine providers when you take too many risks. Fortunately, there are acceptable risks.

The key to managing risks is not what you do as much is how you do it, especially in SEO. A great way to reduce the risk to your website is to consider a slower approach in link building. In addition, make sure you take the time to get links from higher-ranked websites.

The important factor in any search engine optimization campaign is patience. If you are more impatient, you’re going to force your SEO campaign to be more aggressive. While this may lead to results in a very short period of time it increases the risk. Typical results for a SEO campaign should become noticeable in around three months. There are exceptions for more competitive environments and results could take longer.

It’s not surprising that many people are in a hurry to see results, but this can create problems. This is why many SEO specialists suggest that you don’t risk your main website with risky or aggressive SEO campaigns. What they suggest is creating a secondary site that you can then funnel all traffic to your main website. If something were to happen and your website becomes de-indexed or blocked by search engines, your main website or your “money” website is unaffected by the imposed sanctions by the search engine.

Don’t be Taken Prisoner

There’s no guarantee when it comes to link building. Articles get deleted and just like any other business, some websites simply don’t have success and will disappear.
The move afoot today is renting back links as opposed to purchasing them.

This is generally how it goes. There are free article directories and you can place an article on those directories and it will stay there indefinitely. However, for a higher-ranked website, to post an article on that home page is going to cost you a certain amount of money per month. Once you stop paying, the articles gone.

This is important to understand because many SEO agencies pay for space on a higher-ranked websites. Other agencies have their own private network of websites and this is where your links are hosted. While there are benefits to both, you need to know which method your SEO agencies use as this will help you understand what will happen to your rankings if you decide to choose another SEO agency.

Keep Tabs on Your Progress

Monitoring how well of a job the SEO agency is doing is crucial. While it may take time, knowing the progress of your website will help you to know if you’re getting a good return on your SEO investment.

The best recommendation is to start out slow and small with an SEO provider. Watch for results and as your website increases in rankings, you can then move forward in bigger and better SEO campaigns.

You also might want to hire a specialist for specific marketing campaigns. You can do this for a fixed price rather than a long-term commitment. Once again, if results are favorable, you can then begin to expand your working relationship with the SEO specialist you initially hired. You can also try to use a monthly SEO service if you fail to see results from other SEO professionals.

There’s no question that search engine optimization is not only a vital aspect of marketing but it is also a field that is always changing. Even if you have no idea about the complexities of SEO, that shouldn’t hinder you from making a good choice when it comes to outsourcing your search engine optimization endeavors.